What to expect on test day

So the test day has arrived! Theory Training NI would like to offer some advice and tips to allow you have a stress free test day! Or as little stress as possible.



Make sure to research where the location is beforehand. Arriving late or stressed will heighten nerves substantially. You can find your nearest test centre by clicking here.

What to bring?

Make sure you have both parts of your licence (many clients forget the paper counterpart). If you can't find it, you may have to order a new one. It can take up to three weeks for a replacement licence so best to check early and keep your licence in a safe place until you need it.

At the reception desk

The lady or gentleman on the desk will ask you to place items in a locker and may ask you to move or raise your hair or ask you to turn out your pockets. All clients will be asked as this is a security requirement and it ensures no cheating takes place.



You will have plenty of time to read and answer the questions. There is an option to flag and review if you're not initially sure of the answer. When reviewing the second time it is surprising what you will see!

Hazard perception

Make good use of the practice clips as it will get settled into timing your hits. The clips may not be the same as those on the practice apps or discs so watch them carefully. Also remember that one clip will have two scoring hazards.


You will be handed the result letter folded over and not told your outcome by the staff as other clients could be behind you.

Make sure to take all your belongings with you and let us know how you get on with your test. We're here to support you throughout the learning process.

Remember: keep calm, get there in plenty of time and this is another important junction in your journey.


If you need help to prepare for your theory test, our classroom or one-to-one sessions are available throughout Northern Ireland.

Let us get you that pass!

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