Theory Test Changes - April 2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

The car theory test in Northern Ireland is changing from 14th April 2020.

In the current test, candidates read a case study as part of the multiple choice section and then answer 5 questions about it. The case study question is being replaced with a video clip, and you'll answer 3 questions about it.

The change is being made to make the theory test more accessible to people with:

  • reading difficulties (like dyslexia)

  • learning disabilities

  • developmental conditions (like autism)

The change only applies to car theory tests to begin with.


How using a video clip will work?

You’ll watch a short, silent, video clip and answer 3 multiple-choice questions about it.

You can watch the video clip as many times as you like during the multiple-choice part of the theory test.

What will the video clip look like?

The video clip will show a situation, such as driving through a town centre, or driving on a country road.

Have a look at the example video below:

What are the questions I'll be asked about the video clip?

You’ll answer questions like these:

  • "On this road, what is the speed limit for cars and motorcycles?"

  • "Why should you take extra care to look for motorcycles at junctions?"

  • "On this road, what gap should you leave between you and the vehicle in front?"

For each of the 3 questions, you’ll have to choose the correct answer from 4 possible answers.


Who this change will affect?

All car theory tests will use video clips from 14th April, 2020.

This includes if:

  • you fail a test before then, and retake if from 14th April, 2020

  • your test is cancelled or moved for any reason, and your new test date is from 14th April, 2020

Tests that are not changing

The change does not yet apply to these types of theory tests:

  • motorcycle

  • lorry

  • bus or coach

  • approved driving instructor (ADI) or approved motorcycle instructor (AMI) part 1

  • taxi


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